Hu T’u Yellow River Map

Hu T’u Yellow River Map

In the original earlier map the planets (element stages) set the base for five stages. There were five moving planets that could be seen. These represented the five stages or five functions.

They were arranged from fastest to the slowest.

Then they were numbered accordingly.

The numbers were added to the planets as the planets were arranged in a sequence.

The planets in their sequence came first. The numbers were added later.

By the time of the Yellow River map the numbers had changed and were now the determining factor for where the planets or stages would be.

Odd and even numbers became the standard for numerological positioning.

The factor of sequence was no longer the relevant basis for determining the placement or positions

The sequence of 1, 2, 3, 4 was replace by the odd-even relevance and the cycle showed as 1,4,2,3.

On the map (mandala) one can see 1 opposite to 2, and 3 opposite to 4. This represented a new balance for the new map. Likewise with 6 to 7, and 8 to 9.

The positions of the planets (stages) were kept in their original sequence.

Likewise the sequence of 6, 7, 8, 9 was replaced by 6, 9,7 8. Again the sequence of numbers was altered but the numbers were now in an odd-even balance.

On the map (mandala) one can see 6 opposite to 7, and 8 opposite to 9.

This created a new correspondence between the numbers and planets, and led to new interpretations. No longer was the sequence as relevant as the oppositions of odd and even.

The complete Ho T’u Yellow River Map.

First with the numbers.

Then with the stages.

Then with the planets.

Then just as it was handed down.

The planetary roots of the changes became numerological roots. Astrology began to be replaced by numerical deduction which would evolve into today’s Science.

(This movement away from natural environmental perceptions could be seen as the reason why Science in all of its concepts and advancements, has been ignorant of the natural repercussions such as pollution and environmental deterioration. It veered away from the natural balance of nature.)

Mathematical deduction and abstractions became the means for obtaining relevance from the changes. When previously, in the Earlier Heaven Arrangement, it was natural experiential phases and insights.

There was obviously excitement and inspiration in the new system and a sense of replacing the old system. A new order was set in motion.

The power and glory of trigrams!