Year Phases Trigrams

Year Phases: From Dec. 21 the Winter Solstice the light increases until June 21. From From Jun. 21 the Summer Solstice the Light decreases until Dec 21. As the light increases heat, activity, creativity and individuality increase – the Way of the Yang. As the light decreases darkness, cold, receptivity and collective momentum increase.

Year Phases: The Four Seasons. Winter: From Dec. 21 to Mar. 20 The light increases but there is still more darkness than light. Spring: From Mar. 20 to June 21 the light increases and there is more light than darkness. Summer: From June 21 to Sept. 23 the light is decreasing but there is still more light than darkness. Autumn: From Sept. 23 to Dec. 21 the light decreases and there is more darkness than light.

Year Phases Trigrams: Here the 8 trigrams are seen in their relationship to the 4 seasons.

Year Phases Trigrams: Here is the complete correspondence of the 8 trigrams to the 12 Zodiac signs and to the seasons of the year.

The power and glory of trigrams!