House Trigram Meanings.

House Trigram Meanings of Earlier Heaven

The Sun, Moon and planets each put their energy into the affairs of the astrological house they are in. Extra understanding can come from the House Trigram they are in.

House trigrams show how the worldly or mundane circumstances in life are affected by the planet, sun or moon in the house it is in.

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The Dark Half of the Dark Morning

The Dark Half of the Dark Morning (0 to 3 AM)

Shocking Thunder

Light is increasing but it is too dark to notice.

This is a time of intuitive motivation.

The impressions that come during sleep

Are like seeds that will effect the day ahead.

We become intuitively motivated

And will in time wake to move out into the day.

Our sense of security is rooted in these impressions

And they greatly affect the quality of our initiatives.


_  _


The Light Half of the Dark Morning

The Light Half of the Dark Morning (3 to 6 AM)

Radiant light!

This is the three hours before sunrise.

The presence of light can be seen.

One feels the light increasing and that the Sun will soon rise.

There is a great inner anticipation in this phase.

One is moving to meet the day and all that will need to be done.

There is a distinct sense of preparation

and an inner need to built on the impressions already received.

Soon one’s face will meet the day!

Are you ready?

_  _



From sunrise to mid-morning

The sun will be seen.

One can see the way.

Movement becomes easier and happier.

Confidence will increase.

A spontaneous effort will be made.

One looks forward to meeting others.

One will move away from the dark, the damp and the cold.

Increasing light inspires action.

One has something to prove and will not hold back.




Light Half of the Light Morning

The Light Half of the Light Morning (9 to 12 Noon)

Sun Light

From mid-morning to noon

The light ascends to its highest point.

The light increases powerfully.

One can clearly see what one is doing.

No explanation is needed.

Creative confidence can be seen.

A positive attitude will lead to great accomplishments.

There is no time to reflect or react.

This is the time to complete what one can.

One uses one’s influence to the maximum

And gains respects for works achieved.

In this brightest time of day

One should not waste a moment.

Laugh and be happy!



_  _

The Light Half of the Light Afternoon

The Light Half of the Light Afternoon (12 to 3 PM)

Penetrating wind

Light is decreasing but it is too bright to notice.

One can see what is going on.

Who and what one aligns to will have profound  implications.

If one maintains worthy principles

And aligns with like minded  people,

Works of significant social value can be achieved.

If one can be receptive to individuals of merit

Ones sense of community will blossom.

If one cannot listen to others,

How could one expect to be listened to.

_  _


_  _

The Dark Half of the Light Afternoon

The Dark Half of the Light Afternoon (12 to 3 PM)

Running water

Running here, running there.

To where does it go?

Thoughts flow like a river.

From where do they come?

To where do they go?

One descends from the ocean.

One returns to the ocean.

What is there to think of?

What is there to know?

It is easier to go with the flow than top go against it.

What is the ocean?

Not this! Not that!

And on we flow

Until there is no more movement.

Source and destination are the same

What is there to think about?

To think that one knows Is sickness.

Only when one becomes sick of this sickness

Can one become free of it.


_  _

_  _

The Light Half of the Dark Evening

The Light Half of the Dark Evening (6 to 9 PM)

Still Mountain

From sunset halfway to midnight.

The light wanes.

One adjusts to the increasing darkness.

And moves if necessary.

Without stimulation or encouragement personal efforts will not be made.

Why bother if no one cares.

Activity subsides as the darkness increases.

When there is nothing let to do

One relaxes and goes to sleep.

Still Mountain

The mountain stands still.

Water cannot do this.

If one can still the body and observe the mind

With all its comings and goings,

One can sense the source and the destination.

How to maintain this stillness?

_  _

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_  _

The Dark Half of the Dark Evening

The Dark Half of the Dark Evening (9 to 12 Midnight)

The Receptive Earth

The light decreases to its minimum,

The darkest moment at midnight.

Movement is minimal.

Feelings predominate.

One is open and receptive.

One listens for any disturbances of the peace.

And rests in silence.

Silent moments are rare.

One should embrace them when one can.

In the silence there are no distinctions.

For there to be true silence

Thoughts must also cease.

The power and glory of trigrams!