Jung to Wife

Carl Jung to Emma Rauschenbach

Zodiac Trigrams:

House Trigrams

The Moon:

Jung’s feelings and security needs compared to those of his wife Emma.

In the houses or worldly matters Jung needs to be the arousing force to feel secure, while Emma needs to be gentle. This creates the hexagram Increase where thunder and wind increase each other.

In the Zodiac signs or realms of attitude Jung needs to be strong and creative, while Emma needs to be more self critical. This develops into the hexagram Waiting for Nourishment. Storm clouds in the heavens , one must wait.


Jung’s manner of thinking and communicating compared to Emma’s.

In the houses: Carl expresses himself patiently in practical matters while Emma expresses herself more assertively. This develops into the hexagram Taming Power of the Small.

In the Zodiac signs or realm of attitude Carl’s communication is gentle but penetrating, while Emma expresses herself vividly and strives for clarity. As fire clings to the fuel it burns from, Emma’s thinking could cling to Carl’s vision.


Jung’s magnetism, his like and dislikes, and the choices he makes compared to those of Emma.

In the houses or worldly affairs, Carl is selective and patient about what he wants, while Emma is more open and receptive. This presents the hexagram on Modesty, the  mountain waiting beneath the earth. She had the resources. He didn’t.

In the Zodiac, in the realm of emotional attitudes Carl penetrates with gentleness, while Emma emotes with happiness.


Jung’s confidence and will power compared to that of Emma’s.

In the houses and matters of practical concerns Carl is self critical and analytical while Emma more open and receptive. She will tend to adapt to his criticisms and try to improve things.

In the Zodiac Carl expects applause for his gentle perceptiveness. He expect to be listened to. While Emma gains confidence from happiness.


Jung’s assertiveness and use of energy compared to Emma’s.

In the  houses and worldly matters, Carl is strong, forceful and independent. Emma is more self critical and responsive. This can be seen in the hexagram of Waiting for nourishment.

In the Zodiac signs, Jung’s attitude to aggression is open,  receptive and inclusive. Emma is personally gentle and sensitive about what she does. This is represented by the hexagram of Contemplation. View.


Jung’s outlook and understanding compared to Emma’s.

In the  houses and in worldly affairs Carl is gentle and perceptive while Emma is patient. The hexagram for this relationship is Work on What Has Been Spoiled.

In the Zodiac Jung’s outlook is more patient and he will wait for understanding. Emma’s outlook will be more strong and active. She will try to make her understanding happen. This can be seen in the hexagram Retreat. When she is strong, Carl will wait.


Jung’s sense of authority and self discipline compared to Emma’s.

In worldly matters Carl clearly sees his responsibilities and knows what he is doing. Emma is patient and waits for what has to be done. This is expressed through the hexagram od Grace, keeping still on hot coals or fires.

In the Zodiac attitudes to authority and time demands, Carl can accomplish a lot when he is clear about the demands. Emma needs to be happy to work her best. This relationship can be seen in the hexagram Revolution, Molting.


Jung’s relationship to excitement and innovation compared to Emma’s.

In the houses or worldly matters, Carl is critical about change and excitement. Emma is sensitive and will be alive to the vulnerabilities and implications. This relationship is elaborated in the hexagram Dispersion, Dissolution.

In the Zodiac attitudes to excitement and change will affect Carl’s perceptiveness while Emma will be more critical and discerning. The hexagram here is The Well.


Jung’s sense of romance and adventure compared to Emma’s.

In the houses, and practical matters, Carl projects his visions and fantasies and is inclined to set them in motion. Emma is more patience and will wait before acting on them. The hexagram for this relationship is The Corners of The Mouth.

In the Zodiac happiness and enjoyment colour Carl’s visions, dreams and expectations. Emma will be affected the same way. Here the hexagram is The Joyous Lake, happiness doubled.


Jung’s expression of necessity, fear and reality check compared to Emma’s.

In the houses or matters of practical concern Carl will force his truth and instigate confrontations. Emma with wait and let things take the own time. He will speak out and she will hold back!

In the Zodiac bit Carl and Emma will respond very strongly and independently to confrontations. The hexagram here is The Creative.

The power and glory of trigrams!