Zodiac Trigram Meanings

Zodiac Trigrams of Earlier Heaven

The Sun, Moon and planets are coloured by the zodiac sign they are in. Extra understanding can come from the zodiac trigram they are in.

Zodiac Trigrams affect or colour the attitudes of each planetary function. They show the heavenly influence or guidance upon each planet.

The Dark Half of Winter

_  _

_  _


The Dark Half of Winter

The first thought!

The will to start.

A single thought

Roars like thunder in the silence.

Actions will follow thoughts.

Works to put ideas into action.

One moves without being noticed.

Cautious at the beginning

One takes a first step.

One considers one’s effect.

It is best is no one notices.

It is no one else’s concern.

Too many thoughts will diminish the effect.

Step carefully.

The Light Half of Winter


_  _


The Light Half of Winter

The second thought.

One thought  leads to another.

One takes a second step.

Action will be enhanced.

One wants to shine and be seen.

Actions will be noticed.

The way ahead can be seen.

One should not hesitate.

Once the direction can be seen, one must advance.

To delay will obscure the clarity of one’s purpose.

The quality of the first thought

will determine the nature of the second.

To be properly aligned is important.

To deviate from the light or from what is right

will increase one’s adversity.

Consideration of others will improve one’s capacity.

A lack of consideration will precipitate disaster.

The Dark Half of Spring

_  _



The Dark Half of Spring

Happy thoughts!

One takes a third step.

One acts with happiness.

A positive attitude will radiate happiness.

One wants to enjoy

Doubts will fall away in the face of good cheer.

Positive actions will lead to success.

Good will  have a significant effect on others.

There is no place for hesitation.

It is time to put your efforts into play.

If you don’t do it now, who will?

Whistle while you work!


The Light Half of Spring




The Light Half of Spring

Creative thoughts!

Spontaneous laughter!

One expresses oneself freely.

One  puts one’s ideas into action.

One thinks quickly and is talkative.

It is time to be creative.

There will be little or no receptivity here.

The slightest hesitation or doubt

will diminish the creative quality.

Seize the moment while you have it.

If you look for permission or approval

you will lose momentum.

If one’s thoughts and behaviour is good

Then the results will be good.

It is too late to reflect right now.

One must trust in oneself and ones creative ideas.

If one holds back

it will be a long time before the opportunity will arise again.

One must go with what one has

Times of spontaneous creativity are precious.

The Light Half of Summer



_  _

The Light Half of Summer

Receptive to sound

Sensitive to words

One expects to be heard

When one is listened to much can be done.

When one is cared for much can be done.

Without attention one will go astray.

Without care one gets misguided.

Sensitive to others one over reacts

The response of others will determine one’s behaviour.

A nurturing response will empower the soul.

One acts for a response.

With a response one gains strength.

The Dark Half of Summer

_  _


_  _

The Dark Half of Summer

Sensitive to comments

One learns to adjust.

One strives to improve

And withdraws in the face of criticism.

Overly sensitive about what one does

And the response one gets.

Quick to disassociate.

One struggles to control the mind.

Words of criticism will cause alienation.

The Light Half of Fall


_  _

_  _

The Light Half of Autumn

One waits for the response of others.

A positive response will inspire activity. (Creativity)

A negative response will justify inertia.

One wants to be heard

A listening ear will increase trust.

Appreciation will encourage interaction, communication and sharing.

Without the hope of a response

One remains inert.

The Dark Half of Fall

_  _

_  _

_  _

The Dark half of Autumn

One responds to others,

So many words,

So many actions, so many outlooks and perspectives.

One needs to be inclusive.

Receptive to everyone.

Discrimination is difficult.

No one is left out.

One rarely has time for oneself.

The needs of the group or team prevail.

Amidst so much interaction

Silence becomes a treasure.

Who can argue with the ocean?

All that one thinks one is

Will be dissolved in that ocean.

It may seem like an ending

But it is also a beginning.

One is encompassed,

secure in the oneness.

a moment is sufficient.

One breathes out and breathes in.

A pause between the breathes

Is healing for the soul.

The power and glory of trigrams!