Planet Keywords

Planet Keywords

SUN: life purpose and goals, hopes for the future, confidence in yourself, sense of importance, your heart, your nobility, your self esteem, pride.

MOON: the past, your memory, ability to reflect, moods, feelings, dreams, basic needs, instincts, habits, lifestyle, mother, stomach, breasts, nurturing, sympathy.

MERCURY: process of thinking, mental co-ordination, sense of time, perception of things, how you communicate, associations between past and present, the mind, alertness, agility

VENUS: sense of self-worth, sense of values, being satisfied, attraction, repulsion, magnetism, form of evaluating, choices.

MARS: desire for experience, aggression, adrenaline, strength, sexuality, muscle tone, how you use your energy.

JUPITER: learning from experience, assimilation, understanding implications, developing wisdom, principles and morals, philosophy and religion.

SATURN: limits, self discipline, restraint, sense of responsibility, respect, dignity, honor, caution, backbone, teeth, joints, skin, father, authority.

URANUS:  excitement, sudden change, innovation, anxiety, nerves, shock, sudden disruptions.

NEPTUNE:   adventure, romance, fantasy, wonder, expectations, escapes, illusions, deception, dependency, confusion, guilt, sorrows, faith, belief systems

PLUTO:   confrontations, power struggles, fear, truth or consequences, beyond your belief system, edge of reality, auditor general of the solar system, reality check!

The power and glory of trigrams!